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A short but important message for my amazing and wonderful subscribers – those of you who signed on to receive an email notification everytime I write a new blogpost. There are currently 162 of you, and I love each and every one of you for following these words, for taking the time to read this and post your comments (I LOVE COMMENTS!!! I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH COMMENTS, SO PLEASE COMMENT WHENEVER YOU FEEL THE URGE!), for allowing me to blurt out every thought and emotion and feeling I have had for the past 3 years since my husband’s death. Thank you.

I know this sounds like some sort of weird goodbye speech/post. Don’t worry. It isn’t. I am not going anywhere. However, from day one, this blog has been about something bigger. It has been about writing a book. My first and maybe my only book (who knows). A book that explores the brutally awful and hilarious TRUTHS about loving and then losing my husband. A book about life, and death, and then life again. A love story. A “grief” book that is funny. Imagine such a thing. A grief book written in real time, with zero censorship or editing (other than for things like spelling, but NEVER content editing), that takes you through the first 3 years in the aftermath of this tremendous, soul-searching loss. Even though I didn’t know it at the time, I began writing this book the night that my husband died 3 years ago on July 13th, when I sat in my room furiously typing out his Eulogy. I haven’t stopped writing since, and I truly believe that the act of writing and reaching out, and finding the funny inside of the pain, has been what has saved me. It saves me every day.

So, it is time. It is finally time to turn these blog posts into a book, along with my poetry, snippets from my grief-counseling sessions, and even some private never before seen journal entries. All of these things will make up the book, and these next couple months I will be spending completing the writing of the book. Thenn I begin the process of self-publishing. HOW I self-publish, who I use, what kind of copy-editing I can afford, and many other decisions – will all depend on whether or not I make my campaign goal in the Indiegogo Book Campaign I have been running. Basically, I cant really get this book done without help from other people. So far, 94 amazing wonderful people have become part of this cause and part of this project by contributing. Some of you are some of those people, and I THANK YOU from the bottom of everything I have. If you are seeing this for the first time, however, I would love it if you could please SHARE THE CAMPAIGN for me. Share it with whoever you can. Share this link:

I need to get this campaign out beyond just my immediate circle of community, in order to reach this goal. If you have gotten anything positive from reading my blog posts over the past 3 years, then please help me now by sharing this with anyone who can help. The campaign ends on August 9th, so I only have a few more weeks to get this accomplished, and then I just focus on the writing, and it ends up however it ends up.

When I began writing, it was to help myself cope. Then a funny thing happened. Other people started reading it, and messaging me, and telling me over and over again how much my words have helped them or moved them or made them feel less alone. MY words. So, now, this writing is about much more than just me. It is about you. It is about helping other people come out of their darkness and be able to see that there is life beyond death. I remember when I couldnt see it. It is the worst feeling in the world. I want this book to reach those people, who right now, cannot see beyond where they are.

Thank you for sticking with me. There is much more to come.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Subscribers …

  1. Hi Kelley Lynn
    I discovered your blog tonight and want to thank you for your genuine and honest writing. As a result I posted a link on my Facebook account and made a donation to your book. My 43 year old husband passed away unexpectedly from a heart condition in January 2011. Life changed forever. Although that was the worst year of my life, many good things have happened since, but it doesn’t change the grief, it just complicates it. I’m married again with step kids. But still miss and think about Shaun too. Anyway…your writing is as close to any of my own journaling or personal humor and thoughts on this topic. Always feel less alone to find that. Keep doing what you do so very fabulously.

    • Betty, THANK YOU!!!! I just saw your donation in my Inbox and wondered who it was from. Thank you so very much, and also for posting it on your Facebook page. I am Kelley Lynn on Facebook if youd like to friend each other, that would be lovely. You can never have too many friends in the widowed community. thank you again for sharing with me a little bit of your story!!! Love, Kelley

  2. I had read this post but had yet to click and the links until tonight, when I just did. And then I saw the date when donations ended – the very day my man died. It’s weird how I find myself oddly comforted by seeing this horrible date…

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