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If you’d like to help me live my dream of telling our story to the world, please donate to the cause. Your donation will go toward helping me get our book published. Don Shepherd was the kindest man I ever met. Please help me pay it forward.
Anyone who donates will get their name printed in the special thank you section of the book when it’s published.
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3 thoughts on “Make A Donation

  1. Thank you for your writing and sharing your story. I too lost the love of my life, soul mate, best friend , my husband. I have been isolated in a dark room, on the road for 20 hours to Arlington, only to collapse in disbelief at his grave, to becoming a roller derby girl at 52 , to numb the pain and escape reality, only to spiral thru it again. I have lived thru, and continue to hear how I’m not right, not me anymore, and I need to move on, and he wouldn’t want me to cry like I do. You made me realize, Grief is insane, not me. I am not the same person I was a year ago, and I never will be again, and I’m ok with that.
    Because of you, I cried today, because of you I laughed today, because of you, I have answers to some of my own mentally anguished questions, so for that thank you. I wish I could donate more, but like you losing a spouse also cuts your income. Today, I hope you can pat yourself on the back, smile, and know you alone, helped a sister widow in a big way. Best of luck to you. Pattie

  2. Kelley – My husband named Duke like your Don both I believe nick names for “Donald” which no one but solicitors called him. Well concerning my Duke, HE IS NOT A RAINBOW either!
    thank you for being so talented and sharing it with the world, I loved feeling the Belly laughs again – through the tears shed through the laughter during the
    show at Camp Widow East.
    May your book get published asap and do the same for others like me that needed some shared comic relief to face the insane future “After” the death of our loved ones – the bothersome future that holds the knowledge that way to many people all around us are delusional, out of their minds…. these people are supposedly seeing signs and somehow NOW they are knowing where and what our dead loves one would say and HOW they would be coming back to us as feathers, pennies, dimes, and the beat all Rainbows!! Rainbow this book for them and get the word out Once and For All that the comfort they are offering SUCKS and is not helpful during a time of deep grief and confusion to begin with…except to give us pause that at least we have one thing to be grateful for…we are not insane. (ok- perhaps we are, but at least not as much at they are)
    ps: please save me an autographed first edition, xoxxo

    • Stacey thank you SO MUCH for your very sweet and generous donation, and your kind words about my blog. My goal is to have it written sometime in 2014, but we shall see what happens. There is a lot of writing going on behind the scenes that nobody has seen yet. I dont post everything, so when the book is finished, there will be lots of new stuff in it, plus a lot from these blogs. Thank you again so much for your support. It means a lot xoxo

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