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Although there are MANY blogsites out there in the world, the ones listed below are some that also deal with loss, love, grief, and other hardships of life in a unique and honest way that I love. You will love them too. Trust me.

This woman’s husband commited suicide, and the day of his funeral, she and her family were robbed at gunpoint. She talks about all the complicated feelings and emotions that go along with losing someone to suicide, and so much more. Hilarious, brutal, harsh, truthful beyond words, and inspiring … this blog simply rules. I couldn’t stop reading it.

When most people get married, they don’t expect to have to go through a very scary colon cancer diagnosis, before they even leave for their honeymoon! This blog, “Love, Marriage, Cancer, Babies?”, written by my friend Destiny, explores all the many nuances of what happens when love, marriage, cancer, and infertility all try and play together. Sometimes, it takes a village and a few small miracles to have a baby. Give this a read and help them live their dream.

Hyla is a fellow young widow friend that I’ve run into in the Facebook Widow Group Rooms. Her blog, “Drop Dead Life”, about the sudden death of her husband, is funny, touching, and like a sweet story that keeps unfolding with each post. Hyla is a writer and an inspirational speaker that can be seen at Camp Widow, and many other places all over the country.

Sarah’s story is unique because she never got to marry her fiance, Drew. He died before they got the chance. It is also very bittersweet, because years before losing Drew suddenly, in her younger years, she also suffered the loss of both of her parents. When she lost her fiance, it was his parents that took her in as their own, and she now begins her life anew, using the love of Drew’s family to move forward. And so, in this beautifully written, hopeful, and positive blog, Sarah shares with us their story, as well as the story of her own life now. Sarah says that the only way she knows how to get through this is to “make beauty from it”, and her blog is a wonderful representation of that mantra.

I love Christine’s blog. In it, she writes about what it’s like coping with losing your spouse to alcoholism. I love her honesty. I love her courage. I love her determination to stand her ground and get pissed off and remind us that life isn’t fair. I love that she never apoligizes for how she feels, or what she writes, or who she is. In addition to all of that, she is also a beautiful writer. Give it a read and see for yourself.

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