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This blog has been up and running for almost a year now. Here are links to some of the blogposts I’ve written that have, up to now, gotten the most attention, most number of reads, and the most amount of feedback from YOU! So, If you are just reading my blog for the first time, (Welcome!), here is your chance to catch up on reading some of the “Greatest Hits” thus far: “The End” “CornNuts” “Eleven” “Internal Error” “The Beginning” “You Could Be A Foot” “I’m In Love With A Dead Guy” “I Have Lost My Mind – And My Pants” “My Husband Finally Spoke To Me. He Said ‘ Leave Bon Jovi.'” “I Need to Be Touched. But Please Don’t Touch Me.” “How’s Your Twat?” “What Did You Just Say To Me? Things You Should and Should NOT Say to A Widow” “Turning Horror Into Hope: Pay it Forward for Don Shepherd Day” “Quarters, Dreams, and Chapstick” “I Dont Need Anything. Except This …” “Here Comes the Rain Again” “Until Forever” “Big Tree, Little Tree”


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  1. Kelley I left a reply on one of your writings , the newest one about everything changing but still staying the same. but I think it shows my email address lol can you fix it please or let me know if I should repost it. thanks.

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