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What happens when a struggling comedian/actor suddenly loses her husband, with no warning or preparation? How exactly does a 39 yr old widow find the strength and the humor to continue to pursue the dreams that both she and her husband shared together? Kelley Lynn is living this reality since July 13, 2011, when her active, 46 yr old, husband went into cardiac arrest just an hour after leaving for work.

Kelley Lynn, moved to NYC to attend Adelphi University in 1990 as a Performing Arts Major. For the past 11 years, she has taught Acting and Stand Up Comedy courses at the university, and continues to pursue her career as a comedian, writer, and actor. Kelley met her husband, Don Shepherd; an Air Force Vet, an EMT, animal lover, and music and guitar enthusiast; in an AOL music chat room one late night in 1997. After meeting in person, falling in love, and having a long-distance relationship for over 7 years, Don finally packed up his life, and his cat Isabelle, into a moving truck, and drove from Florida to West New York, NJ, just ouside NYC, to start his new life with Kelley. Later that year, on the Sunday before Christmas, in 25 degree cold, he proposed to her underneath the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, in front of hundreds of excited tourists. They married in Sea Cliff, New York, on October 27, 2006. He died just a few months shy of their 5 year wedding anniversary.

So what does a comedian and performer do when she has just lost the love of her life, her best friend, her soul-mate, much too young? She does what performers do best – she creates. She performs. She leans on her incredible family and friends. And with the help of those friends and the amazing comedy community, she performs a raw and hilarious stand-up comedy routine about grief; in a comedy benefit called: “My Husband Died and All I Got Was This Lousy Comedy Show”; headlined by her friend; the legendary Elayne Boosler. Most of all…she writes. She writes down her emotions, her thoughts, stories and memories about her beloved husband, and she shares them with the world. Her new blog is an exploration of life, love, and loss. It is a real-life account of what it is really like to go through something so incredibly painful and powerful. With the blog, Kelley hopes to reach other young widows like herself, and help them to see that they are not alone. She also hopes to honor her husband and his legacy of kindness and generosity. By sharing her husband with the world, he will live forever.
Kelley Lynn’s short play; “My Husband Is Not a Rainbow”, will be featured and performed by her in the Network’s One-Act Festival, in NYC, this March. Her ultimate goal and dream is to turn the blog into a book in the very near future.
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