We Made the Top 50 Widow Blog List from “Feedspot.com”

Sometimes, when you are writing into the stratosphere that we call the internet, it can feel as if you are talking to nobody. Nobody responds, except for the here and there comments, which I so much appreciate. But majority of the time, writing can feel empty. Like talking to a wall. Technically, I know people are reading my words and being helped by them or connecting to them, but emotionally, it can be hard to feel that at times.

That is why being recognized in an “end of the year” Best of type list, means so very much to me. It is validation that, yes, my words do matter, and yes, people do read this. The list, created by www.Feedspot.com, was for “The Top 50 Widow Blogs on the Web.” Last week, I received an email on this blog from the founder of Feedspot, that RIPtheLifeIKnew, had made the list. I’m at #25. It is the most comprehensive list of blogs on the internet, and I now display the BADGE that says this, on my home page.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of blogs out there, maybe even thousands, written by widowed people. Im so honored to know that this writing that I began doing on the day my husband died, as a way to try and breathe and cope and get through the day, has turned into so much more. I thank each and every one of you who has read, commented on, shared, or liked even one of my many blog posts.

I am in the end stages of writing my book, and should have a first draft ready for my editor sometime next month. Not everything will make it into the book, so this blog will always remain as a constant place where I can continue to share the many different and evolving emotions and experiences of widowhood.

I appreciate all of you so much.
Keep on reading,
and I promise to keep writing.

Happy 2018!